Friday, February 2, 2018

To Dock or Not to Dock?

Just how important is a boat dock or boat slip when it comes to your Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental? I get that question quite a bit when people call me about their vacation rental property. Remember that the absolute main attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks is "the Lake." And, as a renter, if you are going to experience the Lake in a boat or other watercraft, then a dock is essential. So how many of our renters bring a boat or other watercraft with them? Having the answer to that question can help you realize the overall value of having a boat slip available for your guests.

How Many Renters Bring a Boat? 

I usually won't accept a condo without a boat slip onto our rental program and I most definitely won't take a home without a dock and a slip. During the summer months, about 38% of all our renters bring a boat. So if you don't have a boat slip, you could be reducing your pool of available renters by 38%. In addition, many of our guests choose to rent a boat for a day or two and need a place to park it overnight. 

It is even more important that a rental home at the Lake of the Ozarks (vs. a condo) have a dock with a boat slip. And the bigger the home, the bigger your dock should be and the more slips you will need. Bigger homes are usually rented by a couple of families or a group that many times are bringing more than one boat. Our history shows that large homes with two or more slips rent better than those with only one slip. 

Does Boat Slip Size Matter? 

Size is also a factor. Most older homes and condos have boat slips in the 10 x 24 foot range, but boats just keep getting bigger and bigger. You can put a smaller boat in a big slip, but you cannot put a bigger boat in a small slip. I would recommend a slip in the 12 x 32 or 12 x 36 range just to be safe, and again to maximize your rental opportunities.

Should I have a Boat Lift?

Another question I am frequently asked is if the slip should have a lift or not. The best answer is that you should avoid having a lift in the slip. Lifts are setup for a specific boat, and unless the renter has the same size, weight and hull style (to fit your lift design) you could end up with damage to the lift or even the boat. Ensure that you have proper padding and tie downs while instructing yoru renter that a properly tied boat should be fine unless you have very, very rough water. 

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