Monday, July 17, 2017

What Do I Need to Bring to My Vacation Rental?

When renting a vacation home or condo at the Lake of the Ozarks, what should you bring with you and what will be supplied with the rental? Every rental is different. Therefore, be sure to ask the right questions and check the amenities list if one is provided to you. At our Lake of the Ozarks vacation rental company, we try to supply most basic items so that the guests don't have to worry about bringing things like paper towels, soaps, tissue, toilet paper, dish tabs, etc.

Traveling with Too Much Stuff

Yikes! My family and I went on vacation with my dad and my aunt and uncle to Dauphin Island, Alabama about 12 years ago. The home that my dad rented on the beach didn't come with much at all. In fact, we had to supply our own bedding, pillows, sheets, blankets, the whole nine yards. Trying to get five kids and two adults, all our clothes and bedding into a mini-van with a topper was quite the sight. Never doing that again!

"Does this property come with air conditioning?" "Does this property have sheets and pillows?" When we get calls from prospective guests asking questions like these, we can tell they've probably had some rough experiences in the past.

What to Bring

Here are a few things that you really should think about taking along on vacation to make your stay more comfortable:

  1. Shampoo - Many places provide soap, but most people prefer their own shampoo. 
  2. Coffee - While some places may provide a packet of coffee, most people prefer their own brands. 
  3. Old Fashioned Games - It may rain on y our vacation, and while some properties provide a few games, it is always fun to get out the monopoly, risk or sorry game to pass the time on a rainy day. 
  4. Your Favorite Music - This used to consist of bringing your cassettes or cds, but now you can just load music to your favorite device to take with you anywhere you travel. 
  5. Beach Towels - Most places will provide bath and hand towels, but if you are heading to the beach or the pool, you will want your large beach towels. 
  6. First Aid Kit - While you hope you will never need it, if you have kids (or even some adventurous adults), you will want to have a first aid kit handy. 
  7. Small Tool Kit - Running a property management company at the Lake of the Ozarks, I always have a tool kit with me. It's surprising just how many things you can fix with a good old four way screwdriver and a pair of pliers. 
  8. A Pad of Paper and Pen - While smart phones can perform a lot of tasks, there are still uses for good ol' pen and paper. Notes to others, keeping score or tic tac toe all require some pen and paper. 

So be sure to ask your vacation rental company or the owner of the property what comes with the property you're renting and what you should bring with you. Then pack up the car and head out on a vacation to your favorite destination! If that's the Lake of the Ozarks, then give Your Lake Vacation a call at 877-284-0267. 

Russell Burdette is the owner of Your Lake Vacation, a professional vacation rental management company at the Lake of the Ozarks since 1986. If you would like more information on our vacation rentals or about putting your home or condo on our vacation rental program, please cal 573-365-3368. We hope to see you soon! 

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